Cousardes' Exclusivity

The Tam-Tam Stools

The Cousardes dress up Massonnet 's Tam-tam

One of our specialties is to dress the famous Tam-tam stools whose design, created by Henry Massonnet in 1968, remains timeless.


Today, we showcase them in a unique and original way, thanks to our know-how and the singular character of our fabrics. Especially the burlap, timeless, adapting perfectly to the curves of tam-tam stools.

The little "plus" of Les Cousardes : 







We add a layer of 2 cm foam to each of our tam-tam stools, making them more welcoming and comfortable. Also, to allow an easier movement of the stools, we imagined a sober and functional leather handle. From now on, moving a tam-tam stool will no longer be a problem.


The Tam-Tam Stools have gone through the ages without ever taking a ride, and it is with great respect and consideration that we put them in the spotlight in our creations.