Tailored Creations

"Just for me" Personalized Creation

      A valuable part of our job is to tailor to your wishes and needs and make it come true. The Cousardes will help you choose your favorite among all our fabrics and models for an exclusive item hand-made "just for you". We will be there to help you find the most beautiful colour and fabric matching for your creation.


      Also, the heart of our work is to welcome personal treasures to give a new life to the textures of a loved one or personal creations that, once passed through our hands, can find a new breath. It is a great responsibility for us when we are entrusted with this type of work because we have a deep respect for the hours, the days, the months spent in making certain pieces of which ultimately we are only the secondary but precious illusionist craftswomen.


      We invite you to visit the Atelier Les Cousardes to discover the diversity of our fabrics, to judge for yourself the quality and finishes of our high-end confections and to discover all our possibilities tailor-made.

Collection Mamie Rosa, coussin crée avec un gilet de laine motifs géométriques, un bande de coton comportant les initiales et une bande provenant d'une blouse, tout ayant appartenu à Mamie Rosa et orné d'un passepoil coordonnée dans le tissu de la blouse
Grandma Rosa Collection
Collection mamie Oiseau Sac week-end en canevas représentant des flamants roses
Mamie Oiseau Collection

You have an idea ?                                                                                         One Cousarde can make it

Large choice of fabrics and materials

We are here to help you in this choice and find the best assortment of colors and materials. Here, the choice will not be a renunciation !

Diversified options

You can also choose the shape of your bag, the number of pockets you want, the various accessories (key clip, bottle elastic ...)

We offer a wide choice of stripes, lace, buttons and various ornaments.

Ecoute et service particuliers sur-mesure commande personnalisée

Listening and individual service

A fine listening of your wish, we will answer more closely to your request.