Let's talk about us

a family story

Cécile DAVID - Step-Daughter

Former special needs educator reconverted. Her former occupation now allows her to listen carefully to the needs of her customers.

Today a craeator-designer in plural arts, specialized in wood and textures.

For her, each creation is a happy event.


"Choosing materials and colors for a creation is always a great pleasure for me, I imagine the object to come and ultimately it is always a discovery and a source of wonder."

Sylvie AZEMA - Mother-in-law

Textile creator-designer, she has 30 years of experience in sewing and several years in a High Quality Confectionery Workshop (Salon Maison & Objet Paris).

She talks to her machines to better tame them.


"I am in a constant search to reach my Grail: Perfection - an inaccessible one that always pushes me further in my work with at the end of it, the satisfaction of having accomplished something, to sew and create have become indispensable to my daily life."