Our Ethics

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Each one of our creations is imagined, drawn, cut and assembled by hand with the greatest care in our workshop. We use traditional techniques, with old sewing machines and tools. A bag is made by us, in the South of France, from A to Z.


This work ethic is fundamental everyday to our mind.

It is about respect for the Materials, the Object and especially for their life after us.

The Object, even though it remains an inanimate substance, is not passive in its interaction with its owner. He is animated, in spite of himself, of an intimate life and is part of a story.

Whether it be a practical or an aesthetic Object, or both, it deserves special consideration, especially since it has been created with great love and care.


The name of each of our collections is embroidered inside the bag, making it unique and exceptional to its buyer.


Upcycling & slowdesign

Upcycling is the action of recovering materials that are no longer used in order to turn them into superior quality or utility products.

We are specialized and committed to Upcycling by valuing the old know-how that we transform into refined creations.

In addition to the environmental benefits of reuse, upcycling provides an opportunity to create and recreate unique objects.

Our work makes perfect sense in valuing neglected cultural heritage.


We transform embroidery, canvas, lace, etc. into accessories for women & men and in decorative objects for the home.

Our idea is to sublimate the old.


Also, we embrace the values of Slow Design, taking the necessary time to design quality items and including human values and sustainable development  in our approach.


For this work done by our elders was considerable, so we wish to give it all its credit and its interest for a second life to its measure. 


Being committed to preserving the environment :


- 90% of our raw materials are recycled.

- we always search for recovered materials even for our basic purchases (thread, zippers ...)

- we sort out our waste : part of our waste is reused as padding, another part becomes raw material for 2 partner companies, and of course we fix our broken equipment as much as possible.

- we offer to repair your various accessories (for example : bags, bag straps, we cover chairs or armchairs, boat awning... We will study all requests.)

- we favour sustainable design by offering to recover our old bags with a discount on the purchase of a new one.

- we loan or rent sewing machines

- we are open to the concept of barter in order to make our creations more accessible.


         The recognition of our commitment to the environmental management of our company, as a player of the circular economy, is rewarded by :

- The label Commerce Engagé http://www.commerce-engage.com

- The belonging to the network of Artisans Répar'Actors Chamber of Crafts and Crafts PACA https://www.annuaire-reparation.fr

- By the Stratus Certification, European environmental label Franco-Italian for the sustainability and competitiveness of coastal tourist territories http://interreg-maritime.eu/it/web/stratus.

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