Our Universes


The diversity of our fabrics has led us to explore several Creative Universes.

Each with its own singularity, style and elegance.


Let yourself be transported ...


You may be surprised to discover unsuspected attractions …


Vintage style Les Cousardes Années 50, 60, 70 hipster style

Vintage Style

50's, 60's and 70's

& Hipster Style


Unique colors and patterns for inimitable pieces.

Madeleine de Proust Les Cousardes canevas broderies revisités

Madeleine     de Proust

Canvases and

Embroideries revisited


The landscape of your childhood or your youth revisited by Les Cousardes.

Classique style les Cousardes tapisserie tweed

Classic Style

Tapestries, tweed

and other noble materials


Simple, distinguished and timeless pieces. Between classicism and tradition.